Tap in. There’s very little that’s new under a sun that shines on modern brand development; this is one trendline that may define collaborations, media interest, and investment strategy. Just one decade ago, it was nearly impossible to find a majority black-owned, preppy-focused brand. Five years ago, one would be hard pressed to find brand advertisements with models that represented the culture. And today, you can name enough to fill an autumn wardrobe for your kid’s freshman year at Boston College or Vanderbilt. As the air of Fall 2024 sweeps across college campuses and city streets, the continued rise of “Black Preppy” culture continues to make waves in the fashion world. This movement, a casual blend of streetwear elements with the refined aesthetics of old guard, blue-blooded Ivy League fashion, reflects a broader cultural shift. In the words of Black Ivy author Jason Jules, “It’s not just about the clothes. It’s about the culture, the confidence, the community.” Nearer to the forefront of this sartorial renaissance stands one of a number of notable upstarts: Blackstock & Weber. 2PM