Snowe is a DTC home essentials brand born from the idea that luxury, quality products should be available at an attainable price point. Often referred to as the Everlane of home essentials, Snowe’s timeless aesthetic will help you build the foundation for your life: eat, drink, sleep, and bathe. Founded in 2015 by Wharton grads Rachel Cohen and Andrés Modak, Snowe has expanded from e-commerce to multiple retail locations and third-party retail partnerships.

Using Fuse’s forecasting module, Snowe segmented their business by different sales channels, and assigned channel-specific goals and targets. They had quick visibility into how each retail location was tracking to those goals, with easy-to-share graphs and real time updates. Also, by navigating to Fuse’s smart order recommendation module, Snowe was able to surface urgent restocks and ensure they were optimizing each channel’s reorders and OH inventory levels. With Fuse, Snowe reduced the strains of manual work in spreadsheets to give the operations team time to focus on all of the other factors that go into managing these additional sales channels.

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